About ABO Content

AVING Buying Office (ABO) is a Web Office for enterprises, run by AVING news network (http://www.aving.net) whose news coverage consists of product and business news worldwide.

For visitors of AVING.net—from product buyers to enterprise affiliates wishing to bring forth their goods to the global market—ABO aims to provide a meeting ground to these candidates across 180 nations worldwide. Through this, buyers can easily gain information on a product or an enterprise of their interest, and companies can conveniently announce and promote their products to the numerous buyers around the globe.

ABO delivers the following values:

  • Companies can create and publicize their own Buying Office at a very low cost.
  • Products and goods can be promoted to buyers, reporters, and consumers—the various recipients of AVING.net news across 180 nations.
  • Products and goods can be recognized in the global market.
  • Running Buying Office with news contents will secure the trustworthiness of the company and its products.
  • Available access to news and information about other enterprises in mobile, computing, CE, life, housing, AV, game, cars, etc.

ABO will continue to focus on bringing enterprises’ goods to the global market. We especially aim to discover and highlight outstanding products, boost trade activities between companies, and act as a helpful passageway to deliver essential information to recipients around the world.

Thank you.